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Show Your Panther Pride!
The Panther Athletic Boosters is an organization for friends, parents and Alumni of the Mount Pleasant Community School District who are interested in supporting all of the athletes in our school system. We help with funding and supporting our many athletic programs through the members’ volunteer efforts; volunteering is important to the continued success of our programs. There are no obligations to membership, but members are encouraged to help out with fundraising projects such as concession stand work and other special events.
Current 2021-2022 Members

Bob Lamm Memorial
Don & Sara LaBlanc
Doug & Tammy DeYarmen
J.D. Schimmelpfennig Memorial
Jacob Dodds & Dr. Sarah Ledger-Dodds
Jay & Anne Davidson
Jerry & Amie Stukerjurgen
Jim Hornaday
John & Kim Wright
Kean & Barb Rich
Kevin & Kay Schrader
Kirby & Angie Booton
Lyle English Memorial
Raymond Family
Rich & Carla McNamee
Ron & Enie Booton Memorial
Ryan & Shelia Matheney
Scot & Jennifer Lamm
Sid & Laura Davis
Terry & Buffy Lamm
Tim & Amber Sheeley
Tom & Martha Allen

$500 – $1,499

Ryan & Victoria Frueh

$250 – $499

James & Kelly Crooks
Jeff & Missy Sitar
Ken & Vickie Feldman
Rawson Family
Willy & Cindy Amos

$100 – $249

Alan & Diane Magnani
Brent & Wanda Broeker
Cal & Racheal Litwiller
Dawn Beachy
Jeremy & Lara Andreasen
Mt. Pleasant Dental Associates
Nathan & Kristy Ensminger
Tyler & Angie Rodgers

$50 – $99

Anne E. Hurlbut
Bill & Juanita Griest
Bob & Marlene Donnolly
Glenn & Lynn Graf
Mike & Kate Wilson
Steve & Karen Brimhall

Upcoming Events & Activities